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Our panel products are filled with Kinflare new fireproof Phenol-formaldehyde resin. This material has a strong characteristic of fireproofing. As the Phenol-formaldehyde resin is easy to produce and it has strong resistance to heat and good physical strength, this material is widely applied to the production of many composite materials. So this material can make the steel building much safer!

Special Points of Superiority

● Good Resistant Fire,
It’s non-flammable, non-thawing, non-extending firing, non-shaping, non-dropping, non-smoking under the flame of welding torch.

● Environmental Protection
Good environmental protection without polluting or waste, completely accordant with GB 18580-2001 and meet the limit requirement of formaldehyde releasing, reach to E1 standard using inner house directly.

● Low coefficient of heat insulation, good heat protection effectiveness and saving energy.

● Light weight and high strength, 1.7kg/m2, tensile strength 1.5MPa, corrosion resistance and long life.

● Sound insulation and good sealing.

● Reasonable structure, faster installation and decorative appearance.

Technical Index
Main Index   Main Index  
Surface Density (kg/m3)
Oxygen Index (%)
Compressive Strength (KPa)
Smoke Density Rate (SDR)
Bending Strength (MPa)
Flaming Performance
Flexural Modulus (MPa)
Coefficient of Heat Insulation w/(m*k)
Formaldehyde Releasing (mg/l)
It’s up to you for choosing the materials of your building!
Glass- magnesium-boards Polystyrene board
Glass magnesium board enjoys strong points in more fields compared with the plasterboard and the traditional partition board, either in the decoration for modem construction or the fire-resistant division for the industrial workshops.
4mm-20mm extruded polystyrene rigid-foam. It’s characterized by good thermal insulation capability, low water take-up, and high pressure resistance.
Phenolic board Rock wool
Phenolic foam ducting panel is of high strength, taking the phenolic foam as the core material and with aluminum foil on both sides. It is non-combustible material, which has no smoke and innocuity while catching fire and the bending strength reaches over 1MPa and the thermal conductivity index reaches 0.020W/mK
Stone wool is ideal for thermal insulation, acoustic control and fire protection. Furthermore, our stone wool is the correct choice in terms of environmental friendly insulation, and it is water repellent.
Color Steel Panel
JG750 main tech data:
Biggest Distance:2.5-3.0m
Thickness: 0.5-0.8mm
Effective Width: 750mm
Maximum machining length: unbounded
JG760 main tech data
Biggest Distance: 2.0-2.5m
Thickness: 0.5-0.8m
Effective Width: 760mm
Maximum machining length: unbounded
JG820main tech data
Biggest Distance: 1.7-2.2m
Thickness: 0.5-0.8m
Effective Width: 820mm
Maximum machining length: unbounded
JG900 main tech data:
Biggest Distance: 1.5-2.0m
Thickness: 0.5-0.8m
Effective Width:900mm
Maximum machining length: unbounded
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